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Try our Cream at the Top Fresh Milk!

Liberty Dairy offers breed specific healthy milk. We believe healthy, fresh, dairy products are a necessity for every family. Our dream, finally realized, is being able to offer these products to you. As the proud proprietors of Liberty Dairy, my wife, Stephanie, and I are pleased to offer you healthy, dairy products from our family to yours. 

Our Cream at the Top milk is available as Old-fashioned Pasteurized or Raw. The milk is ready for you to make cheese or to drink as is and enjoy. We also have breed specific milk available.

All products are sold on a per order basis.
We love our cows. In fact, they are more than just cows to us, they are family. We give them great wide-open pastures to graze where they can enjoy the sun all day long. They live a very leisurely life.

We invite you to bring your family to visit our family. Sit a spell and have a cold glass of healthy and refreshing milk with us. See for yourself why we are so excited to provide you with these products. You will be glad you did.

Come visit us and make a new friend while you're here!

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Liberty Dairy's Cream at the Top milk is offered as Old-fashioned Pasteurized or Raw to order.

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In the News

Liberty Dairy was recently featured in the Stephenville, TX newspaper!

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Liberty Dairy Farms is a family owned and operated dairy located in Hico, Texas.

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Our Cows

Our cows are grass fed and supplemented with hay and silage.

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Liberty Dairy Farms is a family owned and operated dairy located in Hico, Texas. We provide fresh, straight from the farm products for you and your family. Find Out More

 Liberty Dairy Farms was featured in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune newspaper.

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