What makes Liberty Dairy Farms milk different?

  • Our Cream at the Top milk is available as Old-fashioned Pasteurized or Raw.
  • We also offer breed-specific milk. The milk is ready for you to make cheese or to drink as is and enjoy.
  • We sell by a per-order basis.

Our milk is all-natural raw or pasteurized. It's free of antibiotics, hormones, additives and preservatives. The milk is not homogenized so the cream rises to the top. 

Each gallon is labeled with its "Milked On" date so you will know just how fresh our milk is.

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Raw Milk

Cost: $6.00/gallon
Additional Information: You may request breed-specific raw milk. We require a 24-hour notice. Delivery is also available in the Hico area upon request.

Call 254-974-3041 to find out more information.